Specialised Farm Machinery Shop
Specialised Farm Machinery
43 Hungerford St
(PO Box 355)
Goondiwindi QLD 4390
Phone: 07 4671 1088

Name Position Mobile
Jodie Eglington Director & Spare Parts 0428 714 883
Sam Dunmill Director, Sales & Support 0429 111 088
David Eglington Sales Consultant 0427 711 088
Stephan Zimmerman Workshop Manager 0428 728 643
Megan Donovan Admin 07 4671 1088

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Staff profile

Name: David Eglington

Years at SFM: 33

Interest Outside of Work: Travelling, Gardening, Community Service.

Aspiring To Be:
An honest, hard working decent person.

Best Known For: The experience I have gained from a lifetime of working with farm machinery.

Favourite Quote/Best Advice Recieved: ‘Never tell a lie and you do not have to think’.

Probable Destination: Goondiwindi.

3 Dinner Guests Dead or Alive: It would have to be 9, my family.

I Never Leave Home without: My wallet, phone, my tablets and my wife if it’s for pleasure.
Staff profile

Name: Jodie Eglington

Years at SFM: 14

Interest Outside of Work: Getting KM’s up on my car.

Aspiring To Be:

Best Known For: Being the Queen of Everything.

Favourite Quote/Best Advice Recieved:‘Spread the Love’ , ‘When in doubt-don’t’.

Probable Destination: Mud Hut.......known fact.

3 Dinner Guests Dead or Alive: Santa, Jesus and the Toothfairy.

I Never Leave Home without: Showering.
Staff profile

Name: Sam Dunmill

Years at SFM: 9

Interest Outside of Work: AFL. Carlton supporter.

Aspiring To Be:
The best I can be at everything I do.

Best Known For: Attempting to revive the bucket hat as a fashion statement.

Favourite Quote/Best Advice Recieved: ’Smarter than the average idiot’.

Probable Destination: Unknown.

3 Dinner Guests Dead or Alive: Chris Judd, Gary Ablett Jr, Steven Kernahan.

I Never Leave Home without: Buddy(my dog).
Staff profile

Name: Will Jansen

Years at SFM: 3 5/16

Interest Outside of Work: Gardening, Dirt Bike Riding, Drinking Margaritas in my hammock.

Aspiring To Be:
An honest, fair, understanding, never put my own feelings/opinions above anyone elses, successful, a bit above average, neat, loving, best person/mechanic, business person and a good husband.

Best Known For: Being a quiet, keep to myself, make light conversation, always listen, speak when spoken to, Spaghetti Cowboy.

Favourite Quote/Best Advice Recieved: ‘You only live once but if you live it right once is enough’

‘Enjoy school while you can, stay away from women they are trouble’.

Probable Destination: One day i would like to have/own a timber cutting and loading company.

3 Dinner Guests Dead or Alive: Myself, my wife and my brother in law(but only if he’s drunk).

I Never Leave Home without: Toilet paper/rag of some sort, brushing my teeth, I like to have a can of deodorant handy(first impressions last) and a phone(communication has always been a problem).
Staff profile

Name: Megan Donovan

Years at SFM: 3 years this time

Interest Outside of Work: Our farm and everything that goes with it, gardening and my family.

Aspiring To Be:
Efficient in my job and a good mother and wife.

Best Known For: Annoying everyone about doing their paperwork correctly.

3 Dinner Guests Dead or Alive: My husband and 2 children.

I Never Leave Home without: My glasses.
Staff profile

Name: Stephan Zimmerman

Years at SFM: 12 months

Interest Outside of Work: Football(the real football), Sauerkraut and leprechauns. And Jamiesons!

Aspiring To Be:

Best Known For: Serving in the German military and following German football despite being so obviously Irish.

Probable Destination: Australia

3 Dinner Guests Dead or Alive: Mussolini, Stalin, Hitler

I Never Leave Home without: Smokes
Staff profile

Name: Jake Willams

Years at SFM: almost a year

Interest Outside of Work: Staying hydrated, fishing, hunting, womanising

Aspiring To Be:

Best Known For: My tattooed rear end

Favourite Quote/Best Advice Recieved: ’Theres always time for lubrication’

Probable Destination: Still working on that

3 Dinner Guests Dead or Alive: Russell Coight, Jennifer Aniston, Miranda Kerr

I Never Leave Home without: My tattoo



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